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Creating Pages

Creating a new page is a click away. Simply select "Create New Page" and type in the name of the page you want to create. Directly below the name, click the drop-down arrow to select the format you prefer for that page's layout. Options include:

Basic Text Page

The most versatile page layout that works for any use. Pictures, tables and text can be easily placed anywhere on the page. The Website Solutions, Instant Website and Satisfied Clients pages of this website were created using the Basic Text Page format.



Provides a easy edit calendar with an actual monthly calendar view and a link to a more detailed description of the event.


Categories with Levels

When there are several entries landing in different categories, the Categories with Levels format offers the simplest approach. Begin by first selecting the categories, then placing each item in the appropriate category.



The Forms format allows you to create forms that allow your viewers to fill in the blanks and then click submit. You decide which email address to which the information gets automatically sent. The Sign Up Now page on this website was created using the Forms format.


List - No Frames

This format works best for lists that have no categories. List No Frames is seperated by a thin ruled line. List with Frames encloses each item in a frame. The example shown to the right is List No Frames.



Website Solutions newsletter feature not only provides a basic text page to create your newsletter, but also creates and manages the mailing list and mailing function. Keeping your customers up to date has never been easier.



The Inventory format allows several views from a single data entry. First a summary of all inventory and then more detailed view and descriptions of each item.


Real Estate Listings

The Real Estate Listings format is specifically designed to best serve those buying and selling real estate. The first view shows an entire list, while each item is clickable to reveal a more detailed description.


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