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Editing Pages

Your Website Solutions Editor will remind you of your favorite world processing and email programs. Below you'll find a sampling of the tools available:


Working with text

Your editor toolbar gives you everything you need to add text to your website. On any page, simply click "Edit" and your editor will appear with the toolbar pictured above. You select font, size, style, color and alignment. Each time your finished editing, click "Update" to take your changes instantly online.

Inserting Pictures

insert_pic.jpgClicking the "insert picture" tool opens you directly into your File Manager. Your File Manager is your virtual filing cabinet that stores everything you need to maintain your website.


Working with Pictures

The Website Solutions Image Editor allows you to crop and resize pictures while working on your site.


Using Tables

table.jpgTables are useful for lining up information: numbers, text and pictures. This page was created using a table to keep the right captions lined-up with the appopriate picture. Simply clicking the table icon will insert the table where the cursor lies.


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